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C19 Adv session #6 / First Touch Moment and Turns Session

Social distancing is still a requirement.

This is a partner Based Session.

General Warm Up



Set up an M grid like this : 



Build up to this, by breaking it down into simple combinations :

Thigh O(opposite) lace O inside O thigh same (S) outside S thigh 



Develop Fundamental Foot Shapes using ball mastery exercises

Hop : Swing : Open foot 

Maintain a locked out open foot throughout the swing whilst hoping (this foot does not turn).



4 Fundemantal Foot shapes

Top of the foot : Inside across the body : Inside out of the body : Little toe out of the body



Go to this link (not yet available) to get more details on Fundamental Foot Shapes and why they are so important to develop.



Develop Game Functional Footwork Patterns using ball mastery exercises




Inside chop Inside push turn



Cruyff Turn



Outside Chop Outside push turn



Fake on a first touch without touching the ball










Agility Pattern Combos

Jab step + AP#1


Click here to learn more about : Fundamental Agility Patterns 



The technical content within the session is based on this general topic.

 Dealing with Fundmental First Touch Moment Techniques

How to fake on a first touch without actually touching the ball. Turns are added to complete the exercise.



First touch moment Technique and Turns

AG+SiSo+Ich Iph Turn LF



AG+SiSo+Ich Iph Turn LF



First touch moment Technique and a turn

AG+Dpt+Cyf Turn RF



AG+Dpt+Cyf Turn LF



First touch moment technique and a Turn

AG+FkDpt+Och Oph Turn RF



AG+FkDpt+Och Oph Turn LF



All the above combined into 1 run : APs + FTM x 3 +Turn x 3



2v2 SSG : Constraint based

This weeks rules :

  • Both players must touch the ball after a touch from the opposition before a goal can be scored
  • Can score in attacking half with weaker foot (unlimited touches) : 1 goal
  • Can score from you own half (either foot) regardless of touches: 2 goals using stronger foot or 3 goals with weaker foot.
  • Can score first time from anywhere : 4 goals for stronger foot : 5 goals for weaker foot.







If you want to do more.... Click on the links below

If you want more exercises to do then either move to another session [session list] or go to the web-book series links below, and work directly from one of the practical web-books. There is a huge amount to do within each web-book. [Note : The web-books are topic based rather than session based.]




When the hard work is done make sure you cool down and stretch



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