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In this block of sessions :

There are 3 types of sessions to choose from depending on whether a player has a partner or is working alone.

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Series 1

Partner / Feeder  Required

Series 2

Ball Mastery Session

Series 3

 Rebounder Wall Session



Notes on Feeder Sessions

A feeder based session is perfect for beginners and intermediate players as it makes it easier for the player (as a feeder corrects technical errors and returns the ball consistently to the same place) and this therefore allows the session to flow more, and so allows the developing player to work much harder.

Advanced players can also benefit from using a feeder by trying to get to level 10 in each exercise.

Notes on Ball Mastery and Rebounder sessions

Advanced players however, will get a much harder technical challenge from the ball mastery and rebounder sessions. Beginners and intermediate players can try these sessions too, but a players technique needs to be at a level that allows the exercises to flow. the exercise will break down consistently if a players technique isnt at the level. Feeder sessions help players get to this level.

Use these sessions as a technical encyclopedia : These sessions cover the following essential technical fundamentals that all aspiring players need to master.

  • Fundamental foot shapes
  • Dexterity of touch
  • The most commonly used  game functional on the ball technical patterns
  • Fundamental Footwork Patterns
  • Fundamental agility patterns
  • Elevated ball mastery
  • Dealing with an elevated Ball
  • Head up and decision making
  • Fithess, strength, conditioning, foot speed


Finally, players need to push themselves to find a level that is slightly outside their comfort zone.

If any exercise in a session is not challenge enough, then players will need to replace the exercise with something more challenging. If the whole session is not challenging enough technically, then players need to do a more advanced technically session. If a player isn't pushed physically during the session and they are working as hard as they can, then players need to change the length of sets, the numbers of sets, and length of the rest periods.

There is alos a challenge syten to each exercise and session : Click on this link for more details : Find your Level


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Dont forget : Read the info pages (if you have not already done so) to get the most out of the practical sessions.