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C19 Adv session #5/ First Touch Moment session

Social distancing is still a requirement.

This is a partner Based Session.

General Warm Up



Set up an M grid like this : 



Progressive Juggling warm up - Non directional.

1. Running Laces Juggles



2. Inside Shuffle Juggles



3. Lace step Outside



4. Inside Inside Outside



5. Laces Inside Outside





Develop Fundamental Foot Shapes using ball mastery exercises



Hop : Swing : Open foot 

Maintain a locked out open foot throughout the swing whilst hoping (this foot does not turn).



4 main Fundamental Foot Shapes

Top of the foot : Inside across the body : Inside out of the body : Little toe out of the body





Go to this link (not yet available) to get more details on Fundamental Foot Shapes and why they are so important to develop.



Agility Pattern Combos

AP#1 (through) : AP#2 (IN/OUT) : AP#3 (OVER) : Jab :  Jab


Click here to learn more about : Fundamental Agility Patterns 



Develop Game Functional Footwork Patterns using ball mastery exercises

Fake Kick Roll Forward DBV



Kill touch : Step over turn



Kill touch : Step past protect



The technical content within this session is based on the following general topic.

 Developing 'First Touch Moment' techniques

If you think of very simple 'first touch moments', where the time period between receiving and releasing the ball is very small and there is only time for a single touch or a 2 touch patterns, what techniques can players develop to help make these moments be as efficient and productive as possible.



First touch moment  :  Advanced Techniques



Fake Strike - roll forward - Drag back V : FAP Combo

Agility is added to the exercise (it could be done separately) primarily to incorporate the moment where a player transitions from moving quickly without the ball, to then having to deal with the ball (as well as dealing with the ball and then moving quickly after releasing the ball). Players are testing how seamless these technical transition moments are. 



Kill touch - Step-over turn : FAP Combo





Kill Touch : Step Past Protect : FAP Combo



All 3 techs + FAP above done in one exercise.





2v2 or 3v3 with traffic cones as goals.

Goals scored from a teams attacking half must be first time finish.

Goals scored from defencive half can be scored at any time.


A firsty time finish in attacking half = 1 points.

A first time finish from defencive half = 5 points.


No pass is necessary. Players can score directly from a restart.










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When the hard work is done make sure you cool down and stretch



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