Pattern #1

FFP Series #1 : 

Inside Switch Outside

Use an inside touch to move the ball Across the body and immediately into a little toe (outside) touch with the other foot which moves the ball away from the body, then step with the foot that first touched the ball.
Quick Look : The Pattern in a game
What does it look like?



Pattern Broken Down
[into something simple]



More detailed look : The Pattern in a game
What does it look like?



Base level
Ball Mastery Footwork Practice



Step Up 1
Practice using a Drag Back U Exercise



Step Up 2
Harder Footwork Practice



The exercises above offer Simple ways to practice :

Good players improvise hugely around the FFPs, ut the first stage is to develop an instinctive feel for the FFPs in a simple format.

Challenges push the boundaries of technique :

Once you are comfortable with the pattern and exercises : You need to do some challenges to push the limits of your ability.



If you need more challenging exercises then you need to work through the

footwork chapters in the TFT individual game functional technique development  resource.

[If the link is broken use the drop down menu, or the search bar, to find the advanced footwork chapter].