Is Juggling (EBM) Game functional?

To start the answer to this question we will start with this question :

What is t​he purpose of being able to Juggle?

One possible answer might be :

'Juggling has an ubiquitous quality when it comes to development'

That is :  Juggling (which could be called elevated ball mastery) practice could be described as having very little direct game functionality, whilst at the same time having an effect on every touch a player has in the game.

Precision and weight of touch

Juggling (as it is advanced) develops a precision and weight of touch which is hard to develop in any other way

The incredibly fine motor control, which advanced juggling develops,

will extends to every touch a player has when playing the game.

An advanced precision and weight of touch develop using advnaced EBM development

will improve a players control, passing precision and ball movement.

That is : Every touch a player has in a game.

Also - juggling is fun!

 Once you have mastered the basics of juggling then advancing your elevated ball mastery becomes

one of the most enjoyable aspects of development - perhaps only second to playing the game itself.

The fact that many players take juggling beyond the basics and

spend hours developing their Freestyle Juggling is a testament to its addictiveness


Freestyle Juggling and Game Functionality

Note, Game Functional juggling is very different to Freestyle juggling.

Freestyle juggling despite be amazingly difficult, very quickly loses touch with the game.

Game functional juggling is about developing the ability to use 1 touch (of the ball whilst it is in the air)

to solve a problem in a game,

where as freestyle juggling is about executing something purely because of its difficulty

Aspiring Players 

Advanced juggling is a long term project and the benefits of it

may not become fully apparent until a player is in their late teens.

However, if a player does not put in the work when they are younger,

then they may never reap the full benefits of 'Advanced Elevated Ball Mastery' (when they are older),


Although improvements can made at any age, as long as there is practice,

it is never too late to improve.



Any aspiring player should work hard, over a long period of time,

so that they are able to do all of the juggling challenges in this section.



Players should try to get comfortable at one level, whilst always looking at going up to the next level.\**

: That is :

Practice right on the outer edge of your comfort zone

: Never in it :


Good Luck