Fundamental Foot Shapes

Their are certain shapes good football players make around the ball on a regular basis when playing

For example a basic inside of the foot pass,  that moves the ball directly away from the passers body uses an open foot.  In terms of creating an image of an open foot (for young players) we use the term t-shape. the plant foot points forward, and the passing foot points away from the plant foot. They make a t-shape.

These are the main fundamental foot shapes we recommend players develop while developing.

  • T-shape : Commonly used for inside passes
  • Fully Open foot : Commonly used for back foot touches
  • Partially open foot : Commonly used for inside touches across the body
  • Foot locked down : Commonly used for striking the ball with the top of the foot
  • Little toe locked in : Commonly used for a little toe touch that moves the ball out of the body
  • Toes locked up : Commonly used when the bottom of the foot interacts with the ball

These foot shapes may develop naturally (without too much  conscious effort) as players develop. Over a long period of time (maybe over 10 years) the brain slowly works out how to produce better results, when interacting with the ball and slowly makes little adjustments to foot flexibility, foot dexterity and foot strength until eventually a player  makes good foot shapes around the ball. If you are willing to let  this process happen naturally then fine, but note there is no guarantee you finish the project or how long it takes. Like everything you have control. If you want to accelerate technical ability, then do the work.

If you want to do the work, and  you want to have the fundamentals that players with true natural ability have (without any additional effort) then the exercise below offers a few ideas of how you might accelerate your development of good fundamental foot shapes.



 Develop a Open foot (T-shape)

   Open and close the foot : 90 Degrees 

T-shape (Open foot) Development :  Get past 90 degrees


Stride Through : [T-shape (open foot) Development ]


T-shape (open foot) Development : Dynamic stride through

T-shape (open foot) Development : Hopping Swing



Swinging T-shape : Swinging Hopping T-shape : Rolling ball T-Shape (+hop)


Swinging T-shape : Swinging Hopping T-shape : Rolling ball T-Shape (+hop)


T-shape : Learn to lock the foot in and out : Develop balance, foot dexterity, strength and flexibility.



Develop the ability to Drag Back and Open the Foot: Same foot inside V.



[FFP] Same foot inside V and [FFP] Switch Foot Inside V.

Click on the links below to get access to more exercises which focus on different Fundamental Foot Shapes.





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