Weak Foot Development : Ball Striking Development

Full Strike

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Get Familiar with the Fundamental Component Parts of Striking a Ball

The video clips below take a look at component parts to striking a ball. It is a generic approach and introduces the key basics that (to some degree or another) are in all ball striking techniques. As players develop their : Strength : Coordination : Precision of touch and Flexibility in their feet it becomes increasingly possible for players to improvise around a basic technique to get a huge array of different striking techniques.

But the first step is for players to :

Get Familiar with the component parts of Striking the Ball by using the pics below.

The Approach




The Step In

Step In.jpg







The End of the Swing Through

End of swing through.jpg



The finish / Neutral Arms

Finish  Neutral arms.jpg



 The full Strike



To get a full breakdown of how to develop and combine these fundamental components of a weak foot strike, and turn them into a fully game functional weak foot please visit the weak foot development web-book contained within the TFT Indiviudal game functional development resource.




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