Open Access : Individual On-line Technical Development Sessions

There are 3 types of sessions. Partner based, ball mastery based, and rebound surface based. The last 2, players can do alone.  Space and equipment is minimal, and if equipment is required, we offer ways to ensure that it is not expensive to acquire.


Each session is like a full mini technical session with a huge amount of repetition of fundamental game functional techniques. If done in full, each will last about 10 minutes (depending on the length of the sets and rest). If players want to do more then they can do more sets, longer sets, or do more than 1 mini session at a time.


Sessions are designed so that a coach (or parent) and a player, or friends working together, can make sure they squeeze in the most amount of development  they can,  in the most efficient way possible. The initial on-line sessions focus on the fundamentals and the most commonly used game functional techniques (whilst always mindful of long term development goals, like an advanced dexterity of touch).  


This is not a 1v1 series or an endless ball mastery program. Sessions are clearly centered around maximizing the fundamentals before anything else.These sessions also act as a technical check list.


The sessions systematically run through the technical fundamentals :

  • Fundamental touches.
  • Fundamental foot shapes.
  • Fundamental agility patterns.
  • Fundamental footwork patterns.
  • Dealing with an elevated ball.
  • Dealing with a first touch moment.
  • Working through all aspects of the  technical cycle of football.

The information and method of how to help players become the best technicians they can be is there, if you need it.

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Series #1
Key techniques : Inside Agility Pattern #1 : Inside control [step] Inside pass : [Beginner/intermediate]
Series #2 [Ball moving Series]
Key techniques : Agility Pattern #2 : Inside control [shuffle and switch] Inside pass [Intermediate]
Series #3 [Rebound series]
Key techniques : Agility Pattern #3 : Inside bounce pass [Intermediate]
Page #1

Note :

  • Series #1 :  Partner Based Series
  • Series #2 : Ball Mastery Series (No partner required).
  • Series #3 : Rebounder Surface Series (No partner required).
  • MS# : Mini Session #
  • SB# : Session Block #

Below is a list of all TFT Individual On-line Technical Development Sessions

New sessions are added all the time.

TFT On-line technical individual Session list : Not all of these are Open Access sessions :

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