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Series #2 :   Ball Mastery Based Series

Session #2 : Inside shuffle Inside


Fundamental Game Functional Elements developed in this session :

Foot flexibility, dexterity and strength

Touch & dexterity : Inside shuffle Juggling

AP #1 : AP #2

Inside shuffle Inside Pass

Elevated Ball : Inside Lay Offs

Game : Football Intelligence Beep Test 


How to use this page

Work through each exercise individually. Get Familiar with them .

Then challenge yourself by doing a full circuit at as high an intensity as you can.

Series #2 : Session #2

Exercise #1

T-shape (open foot) Development : Hopping Swing



Exercise #2

Elevated Ball Mastery : Inside Shuffle Juggles : 2 - 6s : 1 -12



Exercise #3

Ball Mastery :  Drag back shuffle :

Inside touch across the body shuffle : Inside push shuffle



Exercise #4

AP#1 and AP#2 Combination



Exercise #5

AP#1 : AP#2 : Inside touch across the body [Ball Mastery]



Exercise #6

AP#1 : AP#2 : Inside lay-off of an Elevated Ball 



Exercise #7

Game : Football Intelligence Beep test : Ball Mastery version #1

For full details on the Football 'Get you head up' beep test : Click here



Note : You must know the session well before attempting a full session circuit.

Do the Full Session

(iDo n one-go, or do multiple circuits, or combine 2 or more sessions)

Find your level.



Full Practice Circuit

Includes Demos / instructions : Use this when you know the exercises but still need some guidance through the session.

You set your challenge :  What level are you?

One set : 1 Min on : 30 seconds off





Full Challenge Circuit 

Just visual Guidance : Use this  to help you through an actual training session. You should know all the exercises.

You set your challenge :  What level are you?

One set :1 Min on : 30 seconds off

Change the length of sets, length of reps, and the number of sets so that level 10 is very difficult to attain.



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Full Actual (mini) session

Take a look at what an actual full (mini) session might look like.



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