Individual On-line Technical Development Sessions

These sessions offer players the chance to get exposure to a 'private 1-on-1' type  technical session without the expence. Below are a small selection of differnet types of sessions available.  Some sessions are partner based, while others can be done when working alone. Each has a different key game functional theme and the sessions can be used a s bit of an encyclopedia for game funtional technique. In the the first block of sessions the most commonly used game funtional techniques are introduced. For the full session list click on this link.


Links to the open access mini 'technical' sessions.

Series #1
Key techniques : Inside Agility Pattern #1 : Inside control [step] Inside pass : [Beginner/intermediate]
Series #2 [Ball moving Series]
Key techniques : Agility Pattern #2 : Inside control [shuffle and switch] Inside pass [Intermediate]
Series #3 [Rebound series]
Key techniques : Agility Pattern #3 : Inside bounce pass [Intermediate]
Page #1


Each series in the practical sessions use a different development method.

  • Series #1 requires a partner (pefect for players at the beginning of their technical journey).
  • Series #2 uses ball mastery (which is perfect for players are working alone).
  • Series #3 will use a rebounder series (which agains works for players are working alone).

Each sessions looks at key technical areas:

  • Strong foot shapes around the ball.
  • Elevated ball mastery techniques
  • Fundamental footowrk patterns
  • Fundamental agility patternms
  • Combining agility and footwork patterns.
  • Deal with an elevated ball travelling towards you.

Hopefully these sessions offer you:

  • A framework and guidelines to exactly what should be looked at and assessed as part of a technical development journey.
  • A practical process to follow on this journey.

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