TFT Ball Mastery Series Snapshot

This is level 8 of the TFT Ball Mastery Series #1 : Use it as a test. If you can do these great. If they are a struggle then there is still some benefit to practicing and developing these patterns. Although perhaps working at an easier level, (which many young developing players would need to do) might be more beneficial. To access the easier levels, then you need to subscribe and go to the web-book dedicated to these ball mastery exercises.

Game Functional Ball Mastery Level 8

The key thing about the TFT ball mastery exercises is that they are always just a small steeping stone away from game functionality. No ding-dongs. No Samba. No tap dance. This is level 8 of a 'drag back' ball mastery series. Each level has 10 patterns.

Try the patterns on this page (Level 8) first. If any are a problem, go back to the previous levels, as these will offer an easier exercise level for you to try, and then begin to build back up to  level 8.

The challenge : 

  • Advanced level 1 : Do a pattern at Level 8 without a mistake for 6 yards (6 yard box).
  • Advanced level 2 : Do a pattern at Level 8 without a mistake for 12 yards (goalline to penalty spot).
  • Advanced level 3 : Do a pattern at Level 8 without a mistake for 18 yards (goalline to edge of box).
  • Advanced level 4 : Complete Advanced Level 3 for each pattern, without stopping for a rest in between each pattern.




Pattern 1 : Right Foot : Drag Back Inside




Pattern 2 : Left Foot : Drag Back Inside




Pattern 3 : Right Foot : Drag Back Outside




Patten 4 : Left Drag : Back Outside




Patten 5 : Right Foot : Drag Back Inside Drag Back Outside




Patten 6 : Left foot : Drag Back Inside Drag Back Outside 




Patten 7 : Both feet : Drag Back Inside switch




Patten 8 : Both Feet : Drag Back Outside Switch




Patten 9 : Both Feet : Drag Back switch Inside




Patten 10 : Both feet : Drag Back switch Outside




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