Cost to access the Web-book Series

In regards to the cost to access the Web-book Series, the aim is to minimize it as much as possible, so that the series is available to everyone.


'The Introduction to the Web-book Series' pages (that is : the pages you are reading now)  are 'free and open access', so it is possible to look through these pages with out registering or subscribing.

Free to Register

There are also some 'free to access' pages in each individual web-book. In fact web-book 1 is mostly free to access, however to access these pages you will need to be a registered user.

Free for you to Subscribe

To get access to the full web-book series you will need to subscribe. However, if you subscribe through your club's Club subscription package (which hopefully has already been set up) then this access will cost you nothing. If your club doesn't have a Club Membership Package yet, then either volunteer to set one up, or get the club administrator to set up a club subscription package for your club.



The club package will cost something (but not much). This is a cost to the club.

The club package isn't free but at the same time it is not expensive. A club can buy a block of subscriptions that matches the number of members within the club (which we intend to be about $1 per member per year - but this is still to be determined).

Being subscribed through you club is definitely the best way to get full access to the web-book series.

To check if your club has a subscription package set up,  please go to the link 'club' (below) when you are ready to register.



Individual Subscription is not free. There is a cost.

If you can't join through a club using the club subscription package, you can still subscribe as an individual, but the subscription cost and accessibility conditions do change slightly under this membership package. For more details on this, please go to the subscription link below.



Subscribe with Confidence

Which ever option you take, we do not want you (as a club, coach, player, parent) to subscribe until you have got a good understanding of what this web-book series is trying to do. Hopefully the 'open access' and 'restricted free access' pages allow you to get this understanding, before making the decision to subscribe.






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