Web-book 1 : Chapter Summary

Web-book 1 : Chapter 1 and 2

Chapter 1 is the real beginning to Web-book1 and  introduces a base definition of Individual Game Functional Football Technique, on which the whole web-book series is build upon. This theoretical foundation is essential to understand, as without this base of knowledge and understanding, there would be nothing on which I.G.F.T could be built upon. Critically, in this chapter the link between technique and the game is clearly explained using a very simple theoretical model and having established this model, Chapter 2 looks at how it is possible to then maximize the development of I.G.F.T.

Web-book 1 : Chapter 3

Chapter 3 briefly touches on the important role team training plays in the I.G.F.T development process. However, it does not dive too deeply into this topic, as this is this series does not want to become a team training resource. Having said that, the role team training can play in the development of individual game functional technique,  is covered, in detail, in a separate web-book.

Web-book 1 : Chapters 4 and 5

Chapters 4 and 5 look in detail at how team coaches and players can work together to enhance Individual Game Functional Technique and then works through how this technique can then be transferred successfully to games.

Are you a student of the game?

  • If you are interested in studying what underlies Chapter 5 then work through chapters 1, 2 , 3 and 4 first. We highly recommend this approach.

But if you are not interested in the theory....

Jump straight to the web-book 2 and work from there.







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