What's the intention of 'Web-book 1'?

The intention of Web-book 1 is to:

1. Provide a progressive look at Individual Game Functional Football Technique (I.G.F.T), starting at a simple level (in web-book 1) and slowly progressing the complexity in future web-books.

2. Provide a base understanding of I.G.F.T and systematically show how this technique can be developed (from ground zero), by players themselves (if they are prepared to do the work) and the role clubs and coaches can play in this process. Further web-books will then build upon this.

3. Look at the critical role team coaches can play in the development  of I.G.F.T for the players in their team.

4. Aim to get players to reduce the time they spend on electronics, and in its place, spend a bit more time with a ball at their feet, practicing outside of training.

Self generated improvement for most players is the most under utilized but most important development tool. Hopefully the web-book series, along with good guidance by parents, clubs and team coaches, will help generate increasing returns from this critical development vehicle.

5. Provide a counter picture to the one that is often portrayed on You-Tube and Instagram. On these platforms players are often misled into thinking football technique is about doing complicated and extravagant things when in actual fact, the more simple a technique is, the more effective it will most likely be in a game. Young players often need help understanding, accepting and embracing this paradox of technique. Complicated is almost never better then exceptional basics.

6. Try to help anyone involved in player development, better navigate through the minefield of information [on I.G.F.T] that's available on social media, and then hopefully continue to help guide I.G.F.T development in the right direction as players develop.


Who can benefit from Web-book 1 (and subsequent web-books) :

1. Clubs, technical directors, team coaches, private coaches, and parents who :

  • Need a clear definition of I.G.F.T  as a base for development will all benefit.
    • Using this definition and framework will help all involved develop more technical players, and
  • Help players do more technical practice outside of formal training and games.

2. Players who want to be the best they can be, and want to do the extra practice necessary to get there, but don't necessarily have the information at hand on how to best to do this, will also benefit.

3. Team coaches who don't believe in isolating technique at team training, but do recognize the importance of developing better I.G.F.T in their players will also benefit.


Use Homework to Develop I.G.F.T

Most 'modern' team coaches who prioritize player development, believe in a holistic game based development process and don't believe in overly isolating technique during team training sessions. There are many benefits to this approach (particularly in regards to developing football intelligence) however the downside is that many players may fail to develop I.G.F.T to the level that they are capable of. 

The web-book series can help alleviate this problem.

A team coach can use this web-book series (using the club package) to set 'technical' homework and then monitor how much work a player is doing outside of training. Team coaches who do this, do not then need to do a lot of the individual technical training at team training and instead can free up more and more time at training for playing developmental games: [(overloads in possession (rondos), overloads in attack (penetration games), small sided games, constraint based games and any game that helps players improve their game intelligence, helps them better understand the game and eventually allows them to ultimately play the game at a much higher level, compared to what they otherwise would.


Web-book 1 will also offer :

A clearly defined definition of I.G.F.T and provide a framework for how to develop it.

The framework starts at the absolute basics, and then advances (in future web-books) into highly efficient game functional techniques that the very best players in the game use constantly.

This series is all about game functionality : It is not interested in extravagant,  complicated or non-game functional development.

  • If you want complicated and extravagant then let Youtube and Instagram play a big part in the player development process. F2 Freestylers and the Skill Twins, whilst being very entertaining, will teach a player a huge amount they do not need to know (if their aim is to play the game better). 

Players need to recognize that Freestyle football and modern street football, although looking similar to the 'game', are different sports, and we doubt there is a team coach anywhere that would choose a player who unnecessarily over complicates the game over a player who keeps it simple and effective.



  • If a player just wants conditioning sessions (with or without a ball) or just wants to become a '1 touch & check' player (which is not a bad thing to learn but isn't the only technique that exists and certainly isn't about developing all the fundamentals), then there are plenty of you-tube channels that will cater for this.

Remember : Fundamentals have to come before the development of dexterity of touch, speed of technique and speed of movement. Don't confuse an elite level session with a session that develops the technical fundamentals.



  • If a player just wants ball mastery exercises that maximizes touches, but are not game functional, there are plenty of you-tube channels that will give them enough ball mastery exercises to last them a life time.

But even with the best ball mastery exercises there is a point where they have served their purpose. And at their worst, they use time that could be better spent elsewhere.

So for players who want to avoid wasting time or want to keep pushing the limits of their ability by developing and progressing a strong technical foundation, then they need web-book 1 and all future books in the series.



 The best players keep technique simple and efficient 

This series uses this philosophy as a technical foundation and builds more advanced game functional techniques on top of this. This is what sets this series apart.  If a player wants to be an efficient player, with exceptional basics this web-book series will help a player get there, and then subsequently allow a player to improvise on the basics and become a highly creative player.


2 of the best technicians ever to play the game.



Nothing these 2 players do technically is complicated, it is just that they are able to combine the technical fundamentals, with an incredible level of foot dexterity, speed of technique, speed of movement and speed of  intelligence (thought), to such an exceptional level that it is almost impossible to play against.


Messi obviously has his exceptional speed in addition to his technique, but what stands out physically in regards to Iniesta, other than his technique and intelligence?



Developing better players world wide

Web-book 1 (and future books in the series) will help any organization (club, academy) or individual (TDs, coaches, parents) anywhere in the world, to help develop better football players.



Similarly players, anywhere in the world, no matter what age, can work through each web-book and improve both their understanding and application of individual game functional technique.





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