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Web-book 1 is largely theoretical, however, the aim of the full web-book series is not to submerge you in theory.

The practical aspects of development will always outweigh the theoretical aspects.

However, having an understanding of the underlying theory that supports practice, definitely adds value, and would be wrong to ignore. Web-book 1 probably has more theory in it than any other web-book will have and hopefully, this doesn't put you off. However, theory alone will never get to where you want to be.

Development needs to be mostly about, doing the right type of practice, in the right way.

And the more you dive into the web-book series, the more you will see that the series is all about this type of practice.




The Theory Chapters of Web-book 1

Chapters 1-4

Chapters 1-4 in web-book 1 are heavy on the theory. You might not be too interested in this (although having this base knowledge would be of huge benefit). If this is the case, you are welcome to ignore it all and jump straight to the practical chapter, Chapter 5 of web-book 1.



The Practical Chapters of Web-book1

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 offers coaches and players the practical information which they can use to develop individual Game functional Technique. Also note,  the Intro Chapter to Web-book 1, which is free to access,  offers a very quick snap shot of the contents of Chapter 5.

Note:  Web-book 2 and beyond is all practical.






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