Essential Equipment Needed When Practicing Alone


Ebay agility hoops.jpg

Rebounder Wall

A rebound surface (or 2 +is an essential development tool. Watch the video above to see what we use (really cheap/basic design)* :  There are tutorials on youtube on how to build your own. Or you can buy them but they are expensive. If you use multiple rebound surfaces (which you will need to do) it quickly becomes prohibitively expensive.

* Can make it cheaper still. No need to buy brackets. Get a 1.8m sleeper. Split as follows : 1x 1m : 2 x 30cm : 2x10cm : And use the 10cm blocks as the bracket.




Other useful bits of equipment

Heart Rate / Steps Monitor

Fit bit.png

 Ball on a string :

Useful for dealing with an elevated ball (if you don't have a wall)

Soccer ball on a string.jpg


Ebay tennis ball on string.jpg