You have to do the work, if you want to get better.

Possibly the most important technical aspect of the game is the ability to :

  • Get the head up when on the ball,
  • Check and scan constantly,
  • See the pictures with in the game and react efficiently and effectively to them.

However, for the majority of players the repetition of these techniques at team training, are usually never enough to generate significant gains in a player’s technical ability, and especially their ability to play with the head up.

As a result, and this is not secret :


If a player wants to make significant technical gains then they have to practice alone.


However, developing the ability to play with the head up is one of the hardest aspects of technique to practice when training alone.


So we devised the :

 The Head Up Decision Beep Test

To help with this problem.


Believe us when we tell you – all players need this development tool.

To learn more , check out the example HUDBT session below to get a snapshot of how it can be used

To get a more in depth look at the HUDBT : Click here to go to HUDBT Session #1



Exercise #1 : Drag Back Vs and Turns




In the HUDBT exercise above, a screen (phone, laptop) placed (wherever you want) around the rebound walls, tells which rebound wall to hit. The picture changes every 3 seconds for 1 minute, this is one set. You get a 30 second rest before the next set automatically starts. In set 2, the picture now changes every 2.75 seconds, meaning you have to control the ball, move the ball, pass the ball and check that little bit quicker. This keeps going until you can't keep up. The question is : At what point does the exercise become too hard?

After doing all sets, a player with have gone through the 'head up decision' process 100s of times.

In the exercises above 'Vs and Turns' were practiced. Check out the videos below to see what other techniques can be developed.



Exercise #2 : 1 touch : Level #1




Exercise #3 : 2 touch : Level #1




Exercise #4 : 1 touch : Level #1




Exercise #5 : Running With the Ball : Level #1




Exercise #6 : Running With the Ball Plus an Extra Pass : Level #1




Exercise #7 : Running With the Ball : Inside Fake : Outside Fake : FFP : Level #1




Using the Head Up Decision Beep Test is possibly the best way to practice game functional technique when practicing alone.

It effectively becomes your own private coach. If you stuff up, it will tell you. If you are too slow, it will tell you. If you are not fit, it will tell you. And most importantly it includes all technical aspects of the game : First touch, running with the ball, passing and most importantly getting the head up.


Tailor sessions and exercises to the appropriate player level.

The exercises can be tweaked to practice specific techniques and the difficulty of the exercises can be matched to the level of the player so that a player always works at the very edge of their current ability level and then aims to push past it.


How to access the Head Up Decision Beep Test

  • Each exercise above uses a different Head Up Decision Beep Test, as each exercise requires a different amount of time between pictures to make the exercise a challenge. To get full access to the HUDBT videos, Use Technical Football Tuition's  full technical development resource as this has a complete section devoted to the Head Up Decision Beep Test.
  • Or instead go to the open access section (devoted to the technical basics) as this includes a page on the HUDBT and includes a couple of HUDBT videos.
  • Or to get going, use the video below to get a feel for how the HUDBT process works.



An example of a complete HUDBT Video



  • This video works between 4 seconds and 3 seconds. (Great for Vs and Turns or 3 touch FFPs).
  • The decrease in picture length is 0.25 seconds, and offers three different actions that players need to react to.


The full array of HUDBT videos :

  • In the actual HUDBT chapter, there are a large number of different videos.Picture lengths can start at 6 seconds, and go down to 0.75 seconds.
  • Different videos also have different picture decrease times per set and some videos have #3 actions (as above), while others have #6 actions.


Access the full array of HUDBT practice ideas :

  • If you want to access the full array of practice ideas, session ideas and HUDBT videos then become a subscribed member of this resource.  [Note : It is free for you if your club has a membership package for its members, or costs a small amount if not.]


The Full TFT Resource

  • The full TFT resource is huge, and covers the full spectrum of technical development areas, whilst specializing in the development of the ability to move the ball around the feet in efficient and effective ways. It is a unique resource.


Are you a special Player?

  • If you are serious about being a player, and you are a special type of player : That is : One that practices when they don't have to ! Then the HUDBT has to be an essential development tool that you use regularly on your development journey.


To wrap this up :

If you want more information on game functional technique and how to best develop it : Technical Football Tuition has everything you need.

Access this link if you just want the open access pages.


If you want to access to the Full HUDBT library then click here, but note to access this you will need to login as a subscribed member.

If you aren't a subscribed member then this link will automatically take you to the login page.


Thanks for taking the time to check out this page, and whether or not you use the HUDBT resource,

we sincerely hope that the development journey you are on, helps you become the footballer you want to be.