Fundamental Footwork Pattern Development



Key developmental techniques

Key developmental techniques that all players need to master and in which every touch and every step Matters.


Simple : Efficient : Effective

Fundamental footwork patterns are simple ways to move the ball around the feet and are used all the time in games.


Accessible to all players

Players with natural talent get these naturally, but that does not mean that no one else can acquire them.

All players can easily master them with just a little bit of work.


The 3 most Important Patterns

Learn these first.

Other fundamental footwork patterns (which are just as, if not more useful when playing) will be looked at later, but the first FFPs to look at are the ones that pack in the most development opportunities.

The videos are built up as follows.

1. The patterns broken down.

So you know what you are developing.


2. A look at a very

basic exercises to get started.


3. A look at what the pattern

might look like in a game.




Patterns Broken Down


Inside Switch Outside




Inside Step Outside




Outside Step Inside





'Stepping Stone to Game Functionality' Footwork Exercises.

Ball Mastery Exercises


Inside Switch Outside



Inside Step Outside



Outside Step Inside





The patterns in context


Inside Switch Outside



Inside Step Outside



Outside Step Inside






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