Fundamental foot strength, flexibility and co-ordination.

The better a player is able to control what their foot does,

the better their touch and technique will potentially be.


So the exercise below are more of a test rather than an exercise.

Players could work on them specifically if they are really struggling with a touch and/or a passing issue, or they could use the exercises to just test how  their foot strength, flexibility and co-ordination is developing naturally.


Absolute Basics : Intro Video




The video above has been broken down into a series of exercises that test and develop foot strength, flexibility and dexterity.

The videos below are level #1 exercises in the series.


Level #1 Exercises

Make a basic fundamental foot shape and then tap the floor.



Open the foot [T-shape]




Tuck toes in




Foot locked down




Foot locked up




Load the strike




Extreme Open foot




Open hips and foot




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