Fundamental Agility Patterns

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It is no secret that quick players, players with quick feet and very agile players have a huge advantage when playing the game.

It is very hard to get significantly quicker than generic allow but it can be done. It takes years of work, strengthening the legs specifically so that they are able to generate more power when accelerating, in motion and acceleration. Most players will not do this.

However, there is a quick fix that all players can do. That is :



Learn 3 Fundamental Agility Patterns.


What these will do is teach the body to move more efficiently when changing direction, and this can make a massive difference when playing.


 If you do not have rings then find an alternative.  



Agility Pattern #1





Agility Pattern #2

IN [step] OUT [step] IN [step] OUT


[step] = step with other foot


Agility Pattern #3








Get Game Ready.


Please use these videos to just make sure that you have these techniques nailed so that in games,

when you want to change direction you are comfortable using very efficient agility techniques.


In regards to practice : 


5 minutes of focused and purposeful practice a day,

in the right direction is infinitely better than time spent practicing (for any length of time) in the wrong direction. 

Short and frequent is much better than an infrequent big session.

And if your goal is to be the best you can be, then in regards to the quote :

No matter how hard you work, someone is working harder.

You need to be that someone.






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