Interacting with the ball at a Fundamental Level.

Foot locked Up Series



The exercises below do not have an obvious game functional place in the game,

but all will provide a great technical base on which all game functional techniques can be built upon.

Develop Basic Ball Mastery : Develop Basic conditioning


If a player can do the exercises below, then they will find all future game functional ball moving techniques easier to master. If a player can't do the exercises below, then they will always struggle to move the ball around their feet well. So if you have a young player who is happy to do a little bit of focused technical practice, start with these 3 exercises and work through the levels for each technique until each level is comfortable.


Work through the levels in each exercise.

  • Level 0 : Hold onto something : This is not demonstrated in the videos but is a good place to start, so that the focus can be purely on the ball.
  • Level 1 : Balance
  • Level 2 : Hop
  • Level 3 : Head Up
  • Level 4 : Eyes Closed (Advanced players should be able to do all ball mastery exercises with the eyes closed).



Foot locked Up : Intro



Tap the ball




Roll the ball Forward / Backward




Roll the ball in and out




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