Inside Bounce pass

Level 1


1 touch passing is one of the most used techniques in the game, and hence is very important to develop.


Watch this possession video and study how many touches a player has, each time they are on the ball. In terms of single techniques.


3 or more touches was the most common number of touches a player had when on the ball (Covered later).

Most the 1 touch passes were inside bounce passes.

Inside bounce Passes are one of the most basic fundamental fully game functional technique.

However just because it is basic, it does not mean it is not extremely difficult to master,

especially when complications of distance, speed, angles and pressure are added.

 Inside Bounce Pass



 Inside Bounce Pass : Fundamental Exercise




The videos below are taken from the TFT online sessions.


 Inside Bounce Pass

Quick demo video




 Inside Bounce Pass

Challenge Set




How to use this exercise

Recommended :1 set =  1 minute : Rest = 30 seconds :

Do 3 sets 

[ *As always : Individualize the 'set' parameters to suit your needs / capabilities].



Simple Progression

Level 1 :

5 meters away

Level : #2

10 meters away

Level 3 :

15 meters away



It is critical the players practice on the very edge of their ability level.

If an exercise is too easy then very little development occurs. If it is too hard, it can be frustrating and demotivating.

If you believe that developing the ability to play first time passes is important then push the limits of your ability.




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