There are a few things a player can do to make the game easier. These techniques are rarely introduced to young players but the earlier these are introduced the better it will be for the player in the long run.


Young players are taught 'on the ball' techniques but then are usually not also given the essential 'off the ball ' techniques'. in simple terms this can be simplified into an A.B.C.D format.




A : Learning to make angles (triangle /diamond) between the passer and the next option.
B : Learn to play side on so that it is possible to see as much of the game/triangle as possible.
C : Always check and scan to get all the 'pictures of the game' needed to make better decisions.
D : Make a good decision which improves the position of the ball.
E : Make sure the quality of execution matches the quality of the decision.





Players at any level could use the HUDBT in this simple exercise to work on both fundamental 'off and on' the ball techniques.

The HUDBT exercise below is a good example of how to develop A.B.C.D.E when practicing alone.


Simply find the HUDBT level that pushes the limits of your ability.





The exercise above uses the #1, #2, #3 HUDBT (from 3 sec to 2 sec picture length) with the HUDBT screen at the front. A #1 and #3 means go wide and turn. A #2 means bounce against the back boards and then open up and check the next number (a turn at #2 can be added too) before going to the next number.





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