The Tevez Run

Some example 'unofficial' fast runs :

An unofficial run is almost identical to an official run, except for perhaps a small change. EG : The 6 yard box may not have been used to standardize distances etc.


Fastest Unofficial U10 Run - 10:68



Fastest Unofficial U12 run : 10.07



Fastest Unofficial U16 run : 8.62sec




What makes a run Unofficial or official.

  • Uses 12 inch traffic cones.
    • Flat cones can't be used if you want a run be considered an official or unofficial run.
  • The ball Starts on the start line.
    • If the ball starts in front of the start line then a run can't be used as an official or unofficial run.
  • A goal needs to be used. The run ends when the ball hits the goal line (and goes into the goal).
    • If there is no goal then the run can't be considered an official or unofficial run.
  • The 6 yard box needs to be used and the spacing is [1.7m : 2m : 2m ] for an official run.
    • If the grid looks about the right size it can be used as an unofficial run.
  • The pattern is [Straight up - Figure of 8 : Straight up : Figure of 8 : Strike].
    • Any deviation from this means the run can't be be used as an official or unofficial run.
  • The video speed cannot be tampered with.
    • If you get offered the opportunity to do an official run, then a second verification video will need to be done to validate the time. In this video we will use gravity to ensure no tampering to the video has occurred.

All other runs cannot be compared to other unofficial or official times, but that's not to say they are not useful as a development tool for you. They simply differ too much from the standardized test we are using and so we can't use them, but if you always do the same test (that differs from ours) then your time comparisons over time will be valid, and will show you when improvement has occurred.


This is the only Official Run ever done.

   This run meets all the criteria of an official Run (other than the gravity test - but since we filmed the run we know it was legit!).