The Tevez Run


Use the Tevez run as a self assessment tool to monitor your

current level and your development.

Assessing players individually is a big job and if done properly (including video analysis and timed assessments), it would take a few hours per player. For this reason it would be better if players were able to assess themselves....and this is how.

Player Self Assessment :

Use a running with the ball exercise called the 'tevez run' to assess game functional running with the ball ability.
Check out these 2 videos to get an idea of what it is and how it is set up.






A timed Tevez run gauges a player's 'running with the ball' ability and
a fast run correlates closely with a player's effectiveness in tight spaces  when playing.
Once you have a timed run you are happy with (following the set up rules closely) - compare this time to this general guide :
[But note : If your set up is different (a different pattern, small cones, a small grid) then you you will get times much quicker than these guideline times].
As we get more times on the database this table will become increasingly accurate. For example, a good U14 time is probably closer to under 10 seconds, and an exceptional time is under 9.5 seconds.
It is also worth doing this and comparing the times for the following :
  • Run 1 : Right foot only
  • Run 2:  Left foot only
  • Run 3 : As fast as possible with no restrictions.
The right foot and left foot times should be close to each other, and not that much slower than the quickest run.
We are really keen to get a database on this, so if you do this,  then send a video of a run (but please note : Follow the set up rules exactly - to ensure that all times are comparable. If it isn't an exact copy it cannot be used to add to the database, but you can still use it to monitor your own development as long as you always use the same set up).
Note : It is also worth returning back to the Tevez drill every 6 months or so, to see how much improvement has occurred and how you compare against other times for your age.

 An Unofficial and Official Run : The Criteria.

An Unofficial run Is still an almost exact copy of the set up.

  • An unofficial run uses 12 inch traffic cones (or at least not flat cones).
    • You may need to buy 6. They are not that expensive.
  • The ball Starts on the back line.
  • A goal with a goal line needs to be used ( so it is obvious when the ball crosses the line).
  • The grid needs to look about the right size (for an unofficial run)
  • The video speed cannot be tampered with.

Small cones, starting ahead of the start line, no goal used, an obviously a small grid will not be treated as an unofficial time and will not be added to the database.

We are very keen to get a data base of Unofficial runs. So if you are keen to help build this database then please send in an unofficial run (including your year of birth, and location). 

How to get an official time.

  1. Send in an 'unofficial time' that is very close to or even sets a new record time for your age group.
  2. The top 10 players as of the 30th November will then be offered the chance to do an official run (at the end of the year).
  3. The second video is a little more strict in regards to the rules.

These are the rules:

  • All the Unofficial time rules apply, and the following are also added.
  • The Tevez grid needs to be set up on the edge of the 6 yard box ((1.7m : 2m : 2m ) as in the set up video above, with a full size goal in the background.
  • A person throwing and catching the ball needs to be in the background of the video. (This allows us to verify that the speed of the video has not been tampered with).
  • The camera needs to be side on and equally positioned between the start and the finish.
  • Proof of age, location, and current playing level will need to be submitted on entry.

Win some $$ **

The player with the fastest time overall in the calendar year will win some $$s,  as will the players who get the fastest times for their age groups, and if you enter an official time you will go into a draw, regardless of time and 1 random player will win some $$ too. The full details of this can be found here. (Link below). [** This starts in 2022].



Some More Example Runs


U10  Fastest Unofficial Run

10:68 sec



U12 : Fastest Unofficial Run

10.07 sec



U16 : Fastest Unofficial Run