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If this is your first time here, please read the notes below to get an idea about what this resource is about.

What do we want to give to you ?


We are offering you (what we believe is) the most in depth look at

Individual Game Functional Football Technique

that has ever been put together.


Who has this resource been developed for?


It's for

Clubs : Technical Directors : Coaches : Parents and Players.

All can get massive value from this resource.


Why have we developed it?


We want you to take a fresh look at

the development of

Individual Game Functional Football Technique

and we hope that you have the aim of offering all players the opportunity to build a strong technical foundation upon which great players can be built.



We want clubs to offer all the players at their club

a complete picture of what

Individual Game Functional Football Technique

looks like, so that those players with a strong desire to practice and improve, have all the information they need to do this effectively and efficiently, and don't need to make a guess about 'what is important and what is not', and so therefore, don't waste a huge amount of time practicing the wrong things.


So what do we want you to do next ?


We want you to : Click here to check out the free section of this resource.


These open access pages will offer you a broad picture of what the

Individual 'Game Functional Football Technique' Development Process

should look like at the very beginning of its journey.


Note : This process has been developed over the last 20 years on the back of a full time private coaching career, and from working with and developing players from the very beginning of their technical journey, and helping them go on to join professional club academies, and also become professional football players. Not all these players were blessed with an abundance of natural talent at a young age (although that always helps in terms of getting a head start), but what all players had was a love for the game and a strong desire to practice and improve.



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