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On-line Game Functional Technical Development Sessions :

Aimed specifically at developing a players individual game functional technique outside of team training.


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The passage below offers a little bit of an introduction to the :

An introduction to developing the technical fundamentals 

The technical fundamentals are the foundations to playing the game well, and ideally must be laid down way before the complications of the game are layered up on top of them. As the great Arsene Wenger once said. 'You build a player like you build a house. The foundations must come first'.

Developing the fundamentals, and mastering individual game functional technique is ultimately an individual exercise, (although with clubs, coaches and parents all helping, it does become a team effort) and the best developmental work done on the technical fundamentals is often done away from team training.

Some players use a private coach to help develop their individual game functional technique, others go to privately run academies, others just play more football (futsal / school) or some practice at home (doing whatever they saw on social media that day) and hope for the best. 

All of these options have drawbacks but at least by using these options, players are not relying 100% on team training and team coaching alone for their individual technical development needs. Team training and team coaching is and should always be, mostly about how individuals use their developing ability for the benefit of the team, and not be about developing individual ability over and above what is reasonable.

So the extras that players do outside of team training is a critical part of the player development process.

So in an attempt to provide all players at the club with an additional development option that has huge potential to further enhance the development of the 'individual game functional technique' of the players at the club, and thereafter compliment the great work the clubs team coaches do,  we have partnered up with Technical Football Tuition, and are now able to provide you and all club members a series of :

Free online Individual Game Functional Technical Development sessions.

These sessions have been specifically designed for players who are :

  • Keen to practice outside of team training (but also do not want to waste their time practicing things which will not help them improve as a player. Maximizing technical development is a lot more about practicing the right things in the right way, than it is about the quantity of practice).
  • Keen to develop their individual game functional technique.
  • Keen to become aware of and then master the fundamentals.
  • Keen to come to every team training session with a continually improving tool kit. 

Each sessions will offer you a different set of fundamental techniques to practice and develop. Your team coach may sometimes direct you to a specific technique/session to practice or you can instead simply use these sessions as a guideline and framework for developing game functional football technique.

Each session is an introduction to a group of key game functional technical fundamentals. The sessions can be used almost like an encyclopedia for game functional technique. Each session introduces new game functional techniques (at an introductory level) until all the fundamentals have been covered. Some of the fundamentals introduced in these sessions lay down a technical base (Fundamental Juggling Patterns (develops dexterity of touch) and Fundamental Foot Shapes for example.) Players can then build game functional techniques upon these. Other fundamentals are 100% game functional (Fundamental Footwork Patterns and Dealing with an Elevated ball, for example) and these fundamentals can be taken immediately into the game.

The sessions below are designed for a young (motivated) child who is happy to work with a parent or a partner.  Each exercise in each session also has a link to all exercise progressions. This is essential, as it is critical players find practice exercises that are at a level that maximizes developmental returns.

Sessions for more advanced players or for players working 100% alone, are also available within the TFT online technical resource library.

These sessions, as well as being free to club members, and as well as offering you the freedom of choosing when you do them, will also offer you clear guidelines on how to undertake a very targeted and focused practice methodology outside team training. 

Using these sessions as a technical development framework, will ensure that any time a player spends practicing outside of training, maximises the effectiveness of this practice (in terms of mastering the fundamentals and building solid foundations for all future development). This in turn will make your team coaches job, much much easier.



Summary : General Session Layout

Each Session usually covers the following Fundamentals:

  • Fundamental Juggling Patterns [FJP] : Developing Dexterity of touch.
  • Fundamental Components of a weak foot strike.
  • Fundamental Foot Shapes [FFS]: Developing the most common shapes the foot makes when playing.
  • Fundamental Footwork Patterns [FFP]: Developing the most common and efficient ways a player interacts with a ball when playing.
  • Fundamental Agility Patterns [FAP]: Developing efficient and quick foot movement.
  • Fundamentals of dealing with an elevated ball. [FEB] : Develop a relationship with a ball that comes towards a player in the air.
  • Fundamentals of developing the weaker foot [FWF] : Develop the ability to be 2 footed.
  • Fundamentals of awareness and decision making [FAD] : Develop the ability to play with the head up, and use vision and awareness to make better decisions.

These session are for players who are working with a partner (a parent / coach or another player).

Exercise Levels and intensity can be tailored to suit each players needs.

Online Individual technical session Blocks : Click on a link to go to the session block you want to do.

Chapter 1
FFPs : Inside step Inside : Inside shuffle Inside : Inside Bounce Pass
Chapter 2
FFPs : Inside Switch Outside : Inside step Outside : Fake Outside switch Outside
Chapter 3
[S#1] Outside step Outside : [S#2] Outside shuffle Inside : [S#3] Outside shuffle Strike



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