What is individual game functional football technique?

Football technique is a term often used but never clearly defined.

As a result many players and coaches develop their own philosophy of what technique is. Sometimes this allows coaches to come up with different and innovative ways of looking at football technique. This process is in fact critical in regards to the development of our understanding about the game. After all , If coaches only ever utilize what is already known, where does the innovation come from?

This process however conversely means many coaches who follow their own intuition, may not always get it right (in terms of optimizing technical development), and when this occurs, the players in their charge suffer as a result.

So with this said:

This web-book series starts with this question : What is individual game functional football technique?

We hope that coaches and players (with or without experience) use the web-book series as a tool for building a more universally accepted definition of individual game functional football technique and how to develop it. If you want a detailed introduction to the web-book series then click on this link: This detailed version is only for those who want to treat this web-book more like a text book.



If this is not what you want from the web-book series, and all you want is the practical parts of the web-book series (and not worry about the background information) :Then jump to :

 Unless you went straight to Web-book 2a, you may want to answer the following question before going any further :

Is this web-book series for you based on your view of technical isolation?

If you feel extremely strongly about the fact that technique should never ever be isolated (not even by a player at home), then you will hate this web-book series and there is little point you continuing to read on.

However everyone else can find something in this web-book series that they can use.

  • Web-book 1 aims to offer a better understanding of Game Functional Football Technique, and introduces some fundamentals
  • Further web-books, in the series, offer ways to further practice and develop these fundamentals

And this process can be guided by a player's team coach. 

If team coaches believe isolated practice has a place at home (as every coach in the world surely does) then Web-book 1 will help coaches help their players to not only get a good understanding of what football technique might mean, but also, by working hard outside of team training, allow them to start laying down the solid technical foundations necessary for all future technical development.

A team coach can use this web-book series to ensure a player's technical development continues outside of team training. They can set homework and challenges and ensure that all their players have a chance to develop excellent fundamentals. The coach can then further nurture these at team training, by connecting these technical foundations to the game. After all, this connection is what individual game functional technique is ultimately about.




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