Fundamental Footwork Patterns

This web-book jumps into the subject of Fundamental Footwork Patterns with barely any theory, other than to take a quick look at :

The Basic Standard Footwork Model.

The Basic Standard Footwork Model

Offers 6 different ways the ball can be moved, 'relative to the way the player is facing'.

The Standard Footwork Model Pic FFP#1.jpg


  • Forward
  • Lateral into an immediate change of direction
  • Lateral without an immediate change of direction
  • Fake lateral movement before going the other way
  • Turn
  • Bring the ball into the body but then change direction when moving away from the body.




Fundamental Footwork Patterns are derived using this Model :

The challenge set in : Web-book 1 : Chapter 4 : Page 4 : was to find ball moving patterns that moved the ball in accordance with this Model.


In Chapter 5 in web-book 1, we identified six ways a player could move the ball relative to the direction they are facing.This was the :

FFP Series #1 : The introduction Series.

Web-book 2 continues on from there. Each chapter in this web-book, will cover 6 footwork patterns, which we believe move the ball in accordance with the game functional directional objectives set by the Basic Standard Footwork Model.

In this chapter to aid the learning process, we will group the patterns into groups of 6 to make a FFP Series, and for each series we try to include at least one pattern for each relative direction of movement, covered in the Basic Standard Footwork Model.

FFP Series #1 has already been looked in in Chapter 5 [Web-book 1] :

If a player learns nothing else in this web-book series – they should learn :

After this, coaches and players can decide at what point enough is enough.



The chapters #2 through to #6 when combined, cover an additional 30 patterns (that all fit somewhere into the basic standard footwork model). This is a total of 36 patterns.

To read about how these 36 patterns are broken down and how they should be used then go to the next page.



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