Are there any good videos on you-tube that try to develop a 'technical fundamental' ?

The answer is yes definitely, but you have to search through a lot of 'entertainment' based videos first. 

The video below (starting from about 47 seconds in) offers a much better attempt at being educational, rather than just attempting to click bait, entertain and get views. It is a video on juggling and if development in part is about developing dexterity of touch, then juggling is definitely a key part of the developmental process. [ Note : The debate about the merits of being able to Juggle is waged elsewhere in the web-book series, for now let's just use this video to highlight the educational process].

In regards to the video:

  • It starts with something basic but fundamental and there is a target to reach.
  • It offers a step down to something easier (a perfect 'kick and catch') with a clear target in mind.
  • It offers a step up to something harder (high low juggles)
  • It offers a fun option (a bit of freestyle juggling, but also offers a warning about spending too much time on freestyle juggling).


As you would expect this video hasn't got stacks of views, and the channel doesn't have the subs the you-tube entertainers do.

The video is good in parts (after a length introduction) but how many 'poor to average' eductaional you-tube videos do you have to watch before you find one that is actually trying to be educational. So to avoid the polluting effects of social media :


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