Developing First Principles

The idea behind developing players using a 'first principle' development model, is that if a player has a strong grasp of the 'first principle when playing' then they can take these into any moment of  the game and do well, and can take this ability to help develop a more team  and result orientation way of approaching the game.

First princilpes can be narrowed fown to the following:

  • The ability to recoginse the pressure problem that is occuring.
  • The ability to recognise the possible implications of an action
  • The ability to react both intelligently and technically to ensure that the postion of the ball is improved. 

The above can apply when a player is on the ball or off the ball. When a team is possession or out of possession. It remves the distinction of whether a problme is in a first touch moment or during a bal  moving moment.

Everything becomes a simple time and space manipulation problme to solve.


First principles simple address this issue :

 : Can you manipulate time and space to improve the position of the ball :


Where improving the position of the ball might mean the following;

  • Can you pass the ball to someone with more time and /or space than you (under less pressure)
  • Or can you pass the ball to a player in a more progressive position than you (further forward, nearer the goal) without forcing.

This is the essence of learning the game using first principles: 

The problem, for many players is that they are asked to play with a more team and result orientation mindset, but do not have the underlying foundation of good first principles to maxminse the effectiveness of their ability to impact the game both as an individual and as a team player.





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