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If you have not yet mastered the technical fundamentals then these sessions will be invaluable.

If you don't actually know what we mean by the fundamentals then these sessions will lead you through the development of these step by step.

The fundamentals included in these sessions are :

  • Fundamental Juggling patterns.
  • Weak foot development.
  • Fundamental Foot Shapes.
  • Fundamental Footwork Patterns.
  • Movement into and out of the ball.
  • Dealing with an Elevated Ball.
  • Head up-decision exercises.
  • And more....

There is clear development system that runs throughout all sessions. Use this framework to guide you through the technical development process. Development is about practicing the right things in the right way over a long period of time. Hard work and patience are critical when developing, but players only get one chance to get it right. So to ensure a players practice time is never wasted, these sessions offer a way of maximizing the developmental returns from practice.

* Note : Partner based sessions form the base for the advanced sessions, so working through these first (even just quickly) is recommended before working the rough the advanced sessions. The partner based sessions can easily be converted into sessions that players can do without a partner. To check examples of these types of sessions then you need go to the full list of :

Technical Football Tuition's

Online Individual Technical Development Sessions.

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Use this table to see the session details and to move to the session type that best suit your needs.

Page 1
These sessions include a number of exercises that help build the essential technical fundamentals. These sessions are partner based, and are perfect for young players or players at the start of their development journey.
Page 2
These sessions include a number of exercises that help further develop the essential technical fundamentals. These sessions are perfect for intermediate/advanced players who are motivated to develop and are happy working alone.




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