Why is looking at technique in this way important?

Watch the video below, which compared technically trained typists against self taught typists, and then think about how the findings of this study relate to the development of game functional football technique and playing the game.

If you don't want to watch the video ; these were the findings of the study :

   The first test was to just type:

The trained typist (who used specific finger-work patterns and followed rules) were quicker when looking at the keys (although the self-taught typists were quick too).   [In regards to the self-taught typists, our guess is that they found the quickest ones they could find. Most self taught typists are really slow and make a huge number of errors and wouldn't come close to the level of a trained typist].

The next test was done with the head up.

When both typists couldn't look at the keys (that is their head was up) the self taught typists slowed down and made more mistakes, while the trained typists were not affected.

The next test was to type blind.

When the keyboard was completely hidden, the self taught typists slowed down even further and made even more mistakes, while again the trained typists were not affected.

The conclusions : 

  1. The conclusion in the study was that it is critical to learn good technique....as this will ultimately cause the execution of technique to be more efficient and quicker, when governed by instinctive movement patterns, and especially when execution interference increases.
  2. As part of the conclusion it was stated that these findings would transfer to other activities..........footwork patterns in football perhaps?
  3. As a further comment it was stated that authors, who have been trained to type, do not have to think about what their fingers are doing when typing. They are instead free to think about other things .......

Relate this to football :

Maybe football players who have instinctive footwork fundamentals are free to think about the problems of the game, and not what their feet are doing with the ball? The next page asks you to consider this question :





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