This web book series will save you years of work

This web book series will save you years of work. If you have never spent years studying a subject, it is not possible to truly understand it. With this web-book series, the studying has been done for you.

  • Hopefully it will help you consolidate your understanding of game functional technique and especially game functional footwork.
  • Hopefully it will  help you, or those around you, become better game functional technicians, and then continue on to become  'better players'.


This web-book series offers a simple and clearly defined way of looking at game functional football technique

in the hope that it will give players coaches and parents a base from which they can build and develop advanced game functional  football technique.

It introduces an idea of what football technique can be clearly defined as, and allows players parents and coaches to get a much clearer picture of exactly what football technique might be, and how it might be best developed (for the majority of players).


The web-book series is geared specifically for players practicing alone away from team training, or for coaches who want to help players practice outside of team training.  We advocate that time away from organized training, when there is no game to play, is the perfect time for players to isolate practice and develop their individual game functional technique.


However with this said, please be aware that there is a powerful school of thought in 'modern coaching philosophy' that advocates that technique is something that should never be isolated nor taught. This philosophy believes that players should only play games that focus on problem solving and the development of 'technique' should be a by-product of this process.


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