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Individual Subscription Deal vs Club Subscription

Only purchase the individual subscription if your club doesn't have a membership package set up.

See the notes below for more details on this.

If your club does have a membership package set up then go to the 'find my club' page.

If you want to purchase the individual subscription then follow the instructions below.

Individual Subscription Purchase

1. Firstly Register (if you havent already) or Log back in (if you have previoulsy registered) then come back to this page and then:

2. Purchase an Individual Subscription by clicking on the Individual Subscription Button below.

Individual Subscription

Price: 20 AUD
Duration: Lifetime
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Club membership package :

Subscription cost per club member is $1.


Does your club / academy have a club membership package ?

It is $1 per club member.

If not, do you don't want to set one up for your club / academy ?


Individual vs Club Subscription

If you want to know the difference between 'subscribing as an individual' and 'subscribing using my clubs membership package' then: 


click here


Step 2 : Set up a club package

If your club has not set up a club membership package, then perhaps you could be the one to get the ball rolling.  Get your club to purchase a club membership package, and give every member in the club access to the TFT On-line Individual Game Functional Technical Development program.

To learn more about the Club Subscription Package click the link.

To become the club administrator, then go to this link to set up the Club Subscription Package for your club.

Step 3 : Subscribe as a club member

If your club / academy has set up a club membership package, then subscribe through this. They would have let you know if they have one. If they don't have one, then they should. It makes this development resource unbelievable value for it's members.

Cost to you : $0 if the club pays :

Cost to the club : $1 per member :

Subscribe through your club

If your club does not have a subscription package for it's members, then go to step 2.