Technique is a controllable for the 'Non naturals'

Game functional technique can be acquired and truly efficient game functional technique is about simplicity and about tending towards well executed functional basics :

Non-naturals, if given the right environment and opportunities can (through hard work) surpass players who initially were way a head of them.

The history books are full of examples of players who did exceptional things despite not being blessed with natural talent.


It is critical the educators and the students of technical development, understand that developing technical ability is really only about 1 thing: That Is :

Developing the appropriate neural pathways, and developing them  in the correct way.

This can then be broken down to 4 things:

  • Develop the technical fundamentals. That is : help players acquire the actual technique.
  • Develop dexterity of touch (that is: Develop accuracy and weight of touch).
  • Develop speed of technique (that is: Develop seamless intensity between on and off the ball moments).
  • The final neural pathway to develop is related to the ability to apply the above intelligently in games.

If it takes a while to get the fundamentals in place (which it might for a lot of players), the development of dexterity of touch, and speed of technique can be caught up. Just because you are not a stand out player at 12 years old (and still a little rough around the edges), 4 years later or 8 years later it might be a totally different story.


Never forget this famous quote:

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.....

and we would add that, for this to be true 'hard work' would need to :

  • Have the fundamentals in place.
  • Be on the correct developmental pathway.



So, since there are a number of components contributing to the development of neural pathways, the game doesn't always have to be present to develop the technical fundamentals, dexterity of touch, and speed of technique : That is :

The game doesn't have to be the only teacher of all components of the technical development process, and therefore all components of the game.

But Individual Game Functional Technique, no matter what the level of the player, only has value when it is applied in the game, and to play at a high level, this technique needs to be applied intelligently and quickly.

With cleverly designed games and careful guidance from the coach (to make sure neural development is on the right path), the game becomes an incredibly powerful and important teacher.

After all, the coach can coach, and players can practice, but only the game can develop the neural pathways to the level needed to get to higher and higher levels of the game.


So with all this said :


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