Can you spot the difference between a trained technician and a self taught technician?

Can you spot the difference between a trained technician and someone who is a self taught technician.

Below are 2 videos. The first looks at a trained typist against someone who is self taught, and the second video compares players who have trained footwork against players who are given the option to do whatever they think is the best thing to do.

Watch the videos and see if you can spot the differences.


 A trained typist vs a self-taught typist



Trained footwork vs a self-taught footwork


In regards to football:

  • Do you see the difference between trained footwork and self taught footwork?
  • Do you understand the benefits,  in terms of actually playing the game,  of being a trained footwork technician?
  • If you do, then at what point do you, or the players you look after, make the move from a self taught footwork model to a trained footwork model?

You may not know what a trained footwork model might actually look like, or how it is developed. 

  • A trained footwork model is not as basic as, here is a ball, now move it around your feet.
  • A trained footwork model is not about being very general about developing different types of touches. How often do coaches say to players, dribble the ball and just use insides, then just outsides,  then just right foot, then just left foot, and now use the bottom of the foot.
    • This is not bad, or wrong (although some coaches, who always want games to be the teacher, may have issues with it).
    • It can be a great precursor to a footwork model and may give players the absolute basics in regards to fundamental touches, but it is not a footwork model.
  • A trained footwork model is also not about laying down a bunch of cones and getting players to dribble through them in whatever way their brain and feet want to.

The footwork model presented in this web-book series is non of the above.

You could spend years studying technique and ball moving, and come up with your own model, but if you haven't got the time, and want to consider using the model presented in this web-book series, then this will save you years of study.




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