Introducing Individual Game Functional Football Technique

This web-book is called web-book 1 because it was written first, and is the underlying theoretical base that underpins the complete web-book series. It is put at the end however, because the pirmary goal of the web-book series is to offer a practical framework for the development of Individual game Functional Technique.

Web-book 1 is more of a text book than a practical guide.

The textbook format of Web-book 1 may sacre you off if you read this first, as it may give you the wrong impresson about what the web-book series is about. Hopefull by putting it at the end - you will have a good idea about the objectives of the program, before making the decision to dive into Web-book 1. 


The Contents Page of Web-book 1

This page very quickly introduces the chapters to web-book 1. To jump into web-book 1 you need to click on a link below.

Chapter 1
In Chapter 1 we try to offer a definition for Individual game functional technique,
Chapter 2
In Chapter 2 we look at how we might possibly maximize the development of this.
Chapter 3
In Chapter 3 we very briefly touch on the link between Individual game functional technique and team training.
Chapter 4
In Chapter 4 we look at a little bit of theory, in regards to the laying down of the technical foundations, that players need to help them become a very good player.
Chapter 5
Chapter 5 is when the practical component of web-book 1 really kicks in, and in this chapter we look at the first Fundamental Footwork Pattern Series. We call this The Introduction Series.
Chapter 6
At the very end of web-book 1, we then just offer a summary of the complete web-book.




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