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Step 1 : Register

Complete the registration process below : Note registration and subscription are done separately as there are a couple of ways to subscribe. So first register, then chose the way you want to subscribe.


If you have already registered, but not yet subscribed then click on this link : Subscribe.

If you have already subscribed then click on this link : Login .


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If your registration has been rejected then you will stay on this page.

 There should be a note letting you know your registration failed. This means that either your email or password has not been accepted.

If this is the case, then :

  • Please double check that your details are correct (email is a valid address and passwords match) and try again.
  • If they are correct then try a number of times (sometimes it takes a few tries to get past the 'i am not a robot' settings).

  • Another option to use a different email address and / or password and try again, but only do this if you have tried to register at least 5 times without success.
  • Otherwise contact Technical Football Tuition using the email address you are using to register, and will see what the problem is.

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