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Developing Individual

Game Functional Football Technique

outside of team training.


The Technical Football Tuition on-line technical development resource is dedicated to :


Developing Football Technicians

And it starts with this :

Establish a strong technical base and build.


If you believe that establishing a strong technical foundation at the start of the technical development journey is important,

you have found a place that is 100% dedicated to this process.


This resource :

Starts at the beginning and so is

great for beginners.


Offers a detailed and well rounded technical development framework to follow.


Establishes a solid technical base and  then advances from there.



And it starts here !



Click on these links to find out what a base level picture of the technical development process might look like.


Open access pages.

Techniques #1 - #10



Open access pages.

Techniques #11 - #20




 Or look at what we specialize in :


All of this is open access : No fees : No subscription : No registration.


And if the open access pages aren't enough.....


Then you need to jump to Level #2 and beyond.


Become a TFT member.

Once on board, you will get access to the full TFT online resource.

This resource will offer you everything you need to build an elite level technical base.



Plus remember : Use this table if the quick links are broken :




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