Players and coaches need an antidote

And this web-book series aims to provide this. This web-book offers players, coaches and parents an antidote to the polluting effect of the 'extravagant and outrageous' and to 'the misguided notion that intensity with or with out a ball comes before the development of the fundamentals'.

This web-book does this by :

  • Offering a clear, simple and practical definition of exactly what game functional football technique is.
  • Highlighting the underlying foundations of 'Game Functional Football Technique'. No step gets missed out.
  • Advancing these foundations without jumping over any technical steps in the process.
  • Providing the developmental exercises and practices needed to develop good Individual Game Functional Technique. (See the pic below).

No developmental step gets missed out.

The Absolute Basics : Part 1.a

The next video is not the most entertaining video and much of it is obvious or happens naturally ( or at least it is often meant to) as players develop.

It has been included for completeness.

No one else is going to give you this information (or point it out). No-one else is going to offer players the opportunity to build a strong technical base of both knowledge and application, on which all future development can be built.



The Absolute Basics : Part 1.b

The next video takes a closer look at a fundamental technique. A Fundamental technique that all players, at any age, could do easily if they were just shown how to and time was taken to get it right. But yet so many players never get introduced to the fundamentals. Most players learn technique in a big group through osmosis. This is such a totally inadequate way to develop technique for most players and is why so many players are technically poor.






Building on the absolute basics :




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