Introducing The Football Technician Web-book Series

What is The Football Technician web-book series about?

The Football Technician web-book series is a series of 'web-books' that focus's almost entirely on :

Individual Game Functional Football Technique [I.G.F.T] and it's application in games

and how both 'team coaches and players' can work together to improve this.

The web-book series initially introduces the foundations of what I.G.F.T is, and then looks at how coaches and players can work together to develop it. The ideas introduced initially start at a basic level (Web-book 1) but then build and build in subsequent Web-books. We hope you find Web-book 1 interesting and useful, and are then keen to dive into web-book 2 and beyond.

Each web-book in the series is meant to be read like a book.

However unlike a normal book,  every page has accompanying videos to help bring the page to life.

It is a web-book series because there is way too much information to put into one book.

So for the purposes of trying to simplify how the information is presented, a number of web-books are (or will be) available to complete the series, and this allows new web-books to be added to the series at any time.


This is not a team training resource.

Most coaching resources focus on team training. That is : They provide coaches with the tools to be a better team coach. However, they rarely cover I.G.F.T, and so ultimately players are left to look externally for their individual technical development needs.

Players aren't always left in the complete dark, and there are plenty of team coaches who do try to specifically develop individual (game functional) technique in their players. However this usually occurs at training which unfortunately, is not the best environment for the development if I.G.F.T.

So this web-book series is different to almost every other development resource available to coaches and players.

This web book series is only interested in the:

  • Development of Individual Game Functional Football Technique (I.G.F.T) and it's applictaion in games and how,
  • Clubs and team coaches can play an increasingly important role in the development of this, whilst also adding value to a coaches ability to develop players with a high level of football intelligence.

It doesn't have to be expensive

Too many players are currently spending too much money outside of team training (to get more touches of the ball and to develop their individual technique (which is hopefully game functional) but it doesn't have to be this way. If this is something you want look into further, or you are interested in getting a new perspective on the 'development of individual game functional football technique', then read on.

The Football Technician Web-book Series is for every one involved in the game :

Not just Coaches and Players but also :

Technical Directors

Head of coaching

Clubs, its members and Parents

All will benefit from these web-books.






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