Polluting effect of YouTube and social media. 

As previously mentioned, football technique is a term often used but never clearly defined. And to make matters worse, this poorly defined definition of football technique, is also accompanied by the :

Polluting effect of YouTube and social media. 

More often than not social media glorifies a 'freestyle and street' mentality, where the nutmeg is king and where flashy and complicated gets views and makes money for the creators. As a result, an increasing number of young players believe that this is what individual game functional technique is, and believe that the complicated and the extravagent has an important place in the game. Players mature thinking that the ability to beat a player with complicated 1v1 techniques is what being a good player is all about. When in fact for most players, this simply makes them worse.

Watch the next 2 videos to get examples of this.

F2Freestylers : 10Mil+ Subscribers

[Original you tube link]


SkillTwins : 2 mil + Subs

[Original you tube link]


Also social media is dominated by sessions that have emphasis on intensity and speed of technique,  without too much guidance in regards to the development of the underlying technical fundamentals of individual game functional football technique.

This is fine for advanced players, who already have a strong technical base, but unfortunately the technical coaches on you tube, jump past the foundation phase on their videos - simply because it would not be the entertaining enough for their chanel. The problem with this is that young players who don't have the technical foundations in place,  also want to jump past the fundamentals and go straight to the intensity aspects of the session.

This video below is a great session no doubt, but is a session for an advanced player : Not for players who are still coming to terms with the fundamentals.


Video A

Joner 1-on-1 : 100k Subs

[Original you tube link]


So as a result of the polluting effect of YouTube, and social media in general,

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