Natural talent in action

Watch these 2 videos to get a picture of natural talent in action.




Consider this question. Why should coaches spend time developing the technical fundamentals in a player who doesn't get it instinctively, when there are lots of other players who do get it naturally? Elite player development in Europe is on therefore on the whole, more about the fine tuning of dexterity of touch and the neural pathways that affect touch and intelligence and is very much a sink or swim environment.

It is certainly not about giving every player who has the potential, the extra tools needed to become a great player.


So what about the players who aren't naturals?

Under this 'organic ' let the game be the teacher' development philosophy, players who aren't naturals have 2 choices.

1. They never practice outside of training and therefore never develop good technique. So in games, find themselves in situations where they do not have the right tool kit to optimally solve the football problem they are faced with. They have no choice but to use whatever they have, and adapt this to the 'moment' as best they can. This may be good enough as a child, but eventually the limited tool kit gets found out, as the diminishing 'time and space' constraints expose a players true ability.

2. The second option for players who do not have perfect 'natural' technique (which is 99.9% of all players) is to practice away from team training, improve and go back to team training with a better tool kit.

Wit the second option in mind, it is hoped that the 'Non naturals' understand that technique is a controllable.



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