Fundamental Footwork Patterns:

Fundamental Footwork Patterns are critical game functional techniques players need to develop and are looked at in detail within the TFT developoment resource. Here is a quick snapshot of one of the most important fundamental footwork patterns : Web-book 2 looks at 36 fundamental footwork patterns and not a single useless, extravagent, complicated and non-gamefunctional pattern in sight. You need to Subscribe to see the full array of fundamental footwork patterns.

Inside Inside

General Description : Move the ball Across the body from one inside immediately to the other inside. The second inside touch moves the ball forward and this is followed by a step forward with the other foot.



Quick Look : The Pattern in a game : What does it look like?




Pattern Broken Down
[into something simple]




More detailed look : The Pattern in a game
What does it look like?




Base level
Footwork Practice




Step Up 1
Drag Back U Exercise




Step Up 2
Harder Footwork Practice




Simple ways to practice

Required : Player : A desire to improve : Motivation to work hard : A ball : 4 Cones (max)


Challenges push the boundaries of technique :

Each FFP has a challenge series to work through.

Once you are comfortable with the pattern and exercises : Do the challenges to push the limits of your ability.

Go to web-book 2 or to the on-line technical sessions for the technical challenges for this FFP.



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